Hello and welcome to this article in which we shall discover nearly every type of wallet conceivable, some which you will no doubt be familiar with, and others if your anything like me  (before I started researching this article) you would never have heard of.

Before we get into the various different kinds  listed further down in this article, I thought it would be nice to include some important info to consider before making your first purchase, and then a brief history to get us started, so please read on below.

Before purchasing your first wallet there are many factors to take into consideration, one of the main ones being which material it will be made from.

There are several popular materials used in the making of a wallet some of the most popular include Leather, Fabric, cotton, polyester, canvas, silicone metal, wood.

When choosing your everyday carry wallet, it is important that you choose the correct type for your main use case on a daily basis, for example you may be better suited carrying a canvas or nylon wallet daily over a soft leather wallet if your job involves you getting wet or oily on a regular basis.

It is also acceptable to have a number of wallets in readiness for different occasions for example traveling or going to a formal function.

Ideally the wallet you choose to carry on a daily basis will be functional and practical for your daily routine, make sure it is comfortable and compatible with the style of clothing you are wearing and the pocket you intend to keep it in, for example if wearing a suit, you would be better off using a breast pocket wallet to fit into the suit of your jacket rather than a bifold budging in your suit trousers.

Also be mindful of your budget as you don’t want to go super fancy and then spend all day babying and worrying you’re going to damage it in some way.

You may also want to consider if  RFID  protection is something that you would benefit from, RFID skimming is a modern day version of pickpocketing that’s basically undetectable, A thief can simply pass by you and potentially steal or clone your card details and also you identity.

Once you have decided upon which wallet suits you best, the next thing to think about is how you will care for it to ensure many years of faithful service, if you have gone for More hardwearing material such as nylon, you can afford to be a bit more carefree however there are still a few tips to follow which will benefit everyone no matter what style or material you have chosen.

Avoid filling it with junk until it is literally bursting at the seams as it will put unnecessary pressure on stitching and materials.

Keep your wallet out of direct sunlight especially if it’s made from leather as overtime it will fade and dry out.

Make sure you keep your wallet away from liquids and harsh chemicals, and finally if its made from leather  make sure you keep it hydrated once a year with some leather balm just to keep it supple, however you should check with the manufactures if this is ok before doing so!


Origins of the Wallet can be traced all the way back to the ancient Greek word Kibisis which describes the sack carried by the God Hermes. Kibisis translates as Wallet.  

The first Wallets that resembled something similar to the ones that we recognise today were developed after the introduction of paper currency to the West in the 1600s.

The first paper currency was introduced in the New World by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1690.

Before the introduction of paper currency, coin purses were used for storing coinage.

Early wallets were made mainly from cow or horse leather and included a small compartment for printed calling cards.

It was considered uncivilized in 19th century America to carry a wallet in one’s pocket and uncommon. Therefore, the preferable place to carry ones wallet was on their belt.

The modern bi-fold we recognise today with multiple card slots became standardized in the early 1950s with the introduction of the first credit cards.

Some modern additions include the implementation of the Velcro closure in the 1970s.

A Crypto wallet is the most recent evolution that the traditional wallet has undergone, it’s a computing tool whose purpose is to securely keep the owner’s secret key, to authenticate the owner, and to let the owner sign transactions securely for cryptocurrencies that only exist online.

A hardware wallet is a single purpose computer to do this even more securely.

Now that we have had a brief history lesson regarding the origins and evolutions of the wallet, please find below the many different kinds of wallet options available to you and a brief explanation of each one.


Bifold – This is the most common and popular choice, they fold in half and have card slots, ID pocket, coin pocket, cash compartment  and open slips behind the main card sections for miscellaneous papers and such.


Trifold – Named as such because of the way they fold into thirds. The outer third folds in and then the opposite side folds over that. As a result it causes the wallet to be  bulkier than a bifold wallet but is typically smaller in size. A trifold wallet will typically have a bill compartment, ID pocket And usually have more credit card slots than the average billfold.

Hipster – larger than a bifold, also taller and wider to hold more than the typical bifold can. Its usually considered a dressier option commonly used by professionals.

Zipper – Basically a bifold  with an outer zipper going all the way around the outside o to keep everything inside the from falling out. There will be limits to how much it can hold before the zipper will fail to close properly.

Breast Pocket – Specifically made for suit coat pockets, Cash can be inserted flat and doesn’t need to be folded and has plenty of room for credit cards, some even have pockets that can accommodate a modern slim mobile phone.

Card – Card holders are typically designed to hold …

you guessed it, credit / debit cards. Some also have a pocket that will enable you to hold cash.

Money Clip – Usually, a bifold  minus the cash compartment but will have a money clip in the centre fold or on the back.

Sport – They are harder wearing than your typical leather wallets, they are perfect for exercising or outdoor activities, water-resistant and made of synthetic materials so they won’t damage easily.

Travel – Intended for use exactly as the name suggests with a purpose made passport holder, and compartments for travel documents, tickets, They also include a smaller simple detachable wallet that can be used for daily excursions.  

Unusual Types

Tactical –  Generally made of hard-wearing materials to ensure they can put up with hard abuse and harsh environments outside. Often made from materials such as carbon fibre and aerospace grade aluminium.

Shoe – sits on top of your shoe and discretely keeps items such as keys from bouncing around in your pocket, great way to workout hands free, they have loops that tie around your laces to secure the wallet to the top of the shoe.

Taxi –  Small and minimalist  usually made from leather, they have pouches to carry cash and coins and a compartment to carry papers They also have a secret hidden pouch.

Belt – Usually a normal looking function belt with a small compartment sewn into the underside to slip cash into great for hiding cash in potentially dangerous situations also great for traveling.

Leg – Designed to be worn around the calf or lower leg, keeps important documents away from prying eyes, straps stretch to secure around your lower leg, underneath your trousers leg, normally used by people who want to keep their valuables safe and hidden from pickpockets and thieves in general.

Slim – Favoured because of their low-profile design, keep everything in one place without taking up a lot of room in pockets.

Cell Phone – Reduce bulk, carry your phone cash and cards all in one place, some attach directly to the back of the phone while other open Outwood like a book containing phone on one side cash and cards on the other.


Chain – Popular with biker’s, it has a chain  to prevent the wallet from falling out of their pocket when riding, the chain attaches to their trousers using one of the belt loops.

Key – A key holder will typically have space for numerous keys alongside compartments for your cash and cards, this will also save you carrying a keyring and potentially cut down on noise when you’re walking.

Technologically Advanced

Digital – digital wallet (or e-wallet) is a software-based system that securely houses users payment information and passwords for various payment methods and websites.

Crypto – Store your private keys, keeping your crypto safe and accessible. They also allow you to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies

RFID Protected – These have fine metal mesh like material made from either copper or steel, that creates an electromagnetic shield around the card, Essentially, blocking the signal from any would be thieves.

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