Charles Mallory

Charles Mallory believes that a mirror should be as well put together as the woman it reflects: no expense is spared in creating our compacts. Ingeniously wrought from the highest quality brass and gold, our Compacts achieve a durability, consistency of quality, and dependability only possible with the combination of bespoke, hand done craftsmanship and 21st century machining. Properly cared for, a Charles Mallory London compact will be passed down for generations.

Catering to all tastes, our varied and expertly curated designs make finding the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones an easy task. The richly hued and carefully applied artwork means that whether Powder or Dual Mirror, the face of each Charles Mallory London compact will shine for decades with the unassuming elegance and beauty that make our products truly without equal.

Masterfully designed and artfully crafted, Charles Mallory Compacts have reclaimed a place for classic British elegance in the modern woman’s handbag.

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