how to wear a white shirt

How to wear a white shirt

Not sure which is the best way to wear your white shirt?

We can help.

We have done a little bit of research so you can wear your white shirt and look great, with this post you will never have to struggle again.

A wardrobe staple

A white shirt is a wardrobe staple that every gentleman should own. A classic white shirt will never go out of style and with our handy guide, you can wear your shirt in a few different ways depending on the occasion and mood.

A white shirt is versatile and can be worn in many sittuations including attending an interview to taking that special person out on a date.

Date night, for example, you can pair your white shirt with a neat pair of jeans, smart boots and a blazer, not only is this a smart look but also very fashionable.

Or you can glam the look down a bit and make it more casual. A white shirt, faded jeans and a biker jacket can be a great look to make you stand out from the crowd.

The white shirt truly is a diverse and sound investment, if you want to learn a few different looks on how you can wear yours keep reading.

Keeping it Classic

When most people think of a white shirt they think of the standard interview attire, but a classic white shirt doesn’t have to be boring. Combine a white Oxford shirt with a grey tie and black suit trousers for a great formal look without overdoing it.

Think the above looks too formal? Roll up your sleeves and you have transformed your white shirt into something more casual. Just make sure to take the tie off as the contrasting styles would look a little weird.

If you are a businessman then the white shirt should be one of the first items in your wardrobe. Our advice is to keep it simple, you don’t want to overdo the accessories. A simple white shirt with cufflinks can work all year round.

The Casual Look

The great thing about a white shirt is that it can be formal or very casual depending on what you accompany it by.

If you are more casual and want to dress a white shirt down, pair your shirt with high-quality denim jeans. Remember to roll up your sleeves and to complete the look wear a luxury leather brown belt.

I personally love a black leather jacket too. If you like the bad boy look then this could be an option for you.

Smart but not too formal

Balance is key.

A white shirt can be used in so many ways but getting the accessories of your outfit wrong can give the wrong impression.

If a white shirt and black tie seem too formal but you still want to look smart then forget the tie and match the shirt up with a smart pair of trousers. Grey, checked or pinstripes all work well and tend to make a bold statement. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can wear a pair of white trainers to finish off the look.

Summer time Casual

Come rain or shine a smart white shirt can be used at any time.

In summer we would recommend accompanying your white shirt with a pair of chino shorts. Dark navy or sandy chino shorts work well. To complete the look you can wear a brown belt, boat shoes and aviator sunglasses. Extra points are awarded if you have a submariner on your wrist.

The Perfect fit

One of the biggest problems with wearing a shirt is making sure you have the correct fit. Too tight and it looks like you ate too much at the breakfast bar and too loose and you tend to look a mess. To look right you can either get measured or you can follow our advice and use some common sense.

Firstly when you button up your shirt it shouldn’t bulge at any point. Check the chest and the hips, which show the telltale signs of a wrong fit. If they bulge the shirt is too small.

The collar should give enough room to breathe and shouldn’t cut into your skin. The perfect fitted shirt should allow two fingers in between your neck and collar when the collar is closed.

Your shoulders should match up with the shoulder seems and your arm movements shouldn’t be restricted when moving in any direction. Lastly, the length of your sleeve should finish around an inch before your wrist.

If all of the above is followed you should have a near perfect fit!


So now you know how to select a shirt for your body and 4 amazing looks, what’s stopping you from rocking that white shirt look? Let us know how you like to wear yours and send us in some pictures of your favourite looks via our twitter @HackerandCase

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