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WOLF Watch Winders

WOLF single and double watch winders for your luxury timepiece. Want to learn more about watch winders? Check out our watch winder FAQ at the bottom of this page.

WOLF Watch Winder Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our most frequently asked questions when it comes to purchasing an automatic watch winder.

What watches need a automatic watch winder and do I need one?

All automatic watches and self-winding watches need a watch winder. If you have an automatic watch and you don’t use this watch every day then there is a good chance that you need a watch winder. Another reason why you may want a watch winder is if you have more than one watch.

What is a automatic watch winder?

A watch winder is more than a beautiful box to store your watch when not in use. A watch winder is a device that is used to stop your timepiece from losing time, day and date. In short, a watch winder keeps your device wound when not in use, so the next time you chose to wear your watch it’s ready to go and doesn’t require you to reprogram the watch again.

Why use a wolf watch winder?

If you don’t wear your watch on a daily basis then your watch with lose time, day and date. To prevent this from happening you can either wind your watch manually or purchase a watch winder. The cheapest option in the short term is to either wear your watch every day or manually wind it. There are disadvantages of manually winding your watch which can cost you more in the long term. Manually winding your watch requires you to pull on the crown of the watch which then puts stress on the internal winding gears and over time causing them to wear down, resulting in higher repair and maintenance fees. A watch winder can help reduce the wear and tear on your watch and also help with keeping the internal parts well lubricated increasing the lifespan of your watch.

Watches that don’t need a wolf watch winder

  • Quartz watches do not require a watch winder as they are operated with a battery.
  • Manually wound watches also do not require an automatic watch winder as they as the name suggests need to be wound manually every day.

What is TPD and How many do I need?

TPD stands for turns per day. All watches will have a different turn per day recommendation. The TPD is the number needed to keep your watch wound. Most watches will need anything from 600 – 1000 turns per day. All of our Wolf Watch Winders hit this requirement. We have listed a few common watches and the turns per day needed below:

  • Rolex Submariner 650 turns per day.
  • Rolex Daytona 900 turns per day.
  • IWC (most models 650 turns per day)
  • Omega (most models 650 turns per day)

How long will an automatic watch keep its time if not worn?

This answer once again varies depending on the brand of the watch and the model, however, a general rule of thumb is between 24-60 hours. After that time has elapsed your watch will have lost its time and you will have to manually wind the watch. To make sure your watch is ready to wear when you are is to purchase a watch winder.

Can a wolf watch winder overwind my watch?

Thankfully not, today’s modern watches are made so that when the mainspring is fully wound the watch will then disengage and stop winding. However, this safety system can be stressed overtime if you don’t allow your watch to rest in between cycles.

Are your wolf watch winders noisy?

No, Wolf watch winders are known for being very quiet. Wolf watch winders use nylon gears, sealed gearboxes, and silicon gaskets to make your watch winder very silent. You don’t have to worry about these watch winders keeping you up at night, I have a few for personal use and they are hardly heard at all.

How much is delivery?

Delivery on all our products including the watch winders are free to all of Europe.

What automatic watch winder is best for me if I have x number of watches?

Here at Hacker and Case, we sell singular and double watch winders, if you need more than 2 watches to be wound please get in touch and we can see what we can do for you.

I wear my watch every day do I still need a watch winder?

If you want to maintain the accuracy of your watch then I would say yes. Best practice for maintaining your watches accuracy is to use a watch winder in between use. Most watches will need to stay in the 80% to 90% tension range on the mainspring for your watch to stay accurate. Wearing your watch will normally only keep the mainspring wound to 50% – 60%. A watch winder will wind the mainspring closer to capacity keeping your watch accurate at all times.

Can a watch winder magnetize my watch?

Cheaper watch winders can magnetize your watch causing them to run fast and lose accuracy, but we don’t sell cheap watch winders. We sell high-quality Wolf watch winders which have an inbuilt shield that eliminates any magnetization.

My watch is heavy, will your wolf winders still work?

Yes, our Wolf Watch winders will wind an heavy watch, the drum will simply spin at a lower rate. Inside the Wolf watch winders are a patented sensor that counts the number of rotations to make sure your watch is wound just as it should be.

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