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Self Winding Watch Box – 4 Of The Best for 2019

Want to keep your Rolex/Omega/IWC/Breitling ticking over and accurate? In this weeks article, we take a look at self winding watch boxes, in particular, 4 from Wolf Watch Winders.

I won’t go too much into why you need a watch winder (because we wrote the ultimate watch winder guide here) but for those who want to prolong the life of their watch a self-winding watch box is the way forward.

Wolf Viceroy Double Watch Winder

self winding watch box

The Wolf viceroy double watch winder is a great self winding watch box. It has enough room for two of your luxury watches and has a wide variety of settings to keep your watch running as it should. The turns per day can be set from 300 turns to 1200 making it suitable for most automatic watches on the market.

Not only does it function amazingly but it also looks great. It’s constructed from a sturdy wooden frame with a black pebble texture and is accented by a chrome faceplate. If you’re looking for a self winding watch box that holds more than 1 watch the Viceroy could be for you. It can wind 2 watches simultaneously and has room for 4 more in the top storage compartment.

Wolf Roadster Watch Winder

wolf roadster watch winder

The Wolf Roadster watch winder is another great self winding watch box. Like the Viceroy the styling is quite similar. It comes in a black pebble leather and has a wood veneer faceplate. The wolf roadster watch box also comes with a backlit LCD which makes it easy to read the settings at night.

You can expect 300 to 1200 turns per day with the Wolf roadster and set 3 turning directions: clockwise, anti-clockwise and bi-directional.

If you are looking for a self winding watch box to wind your automatic watch and don’t need something as big as the Viceroy then the Roaster is an excellent choice.

Wolf Windsor Single Winder

self winding watch box

The Wolf Windsor single winder is another great choice for your automatic watch if you prefer something a bit more subtle in terms of design. Inspired by the mid-century, the Wolf Windsor single self winding watch box is smoother in design than the other two watch winders above.

The Windsor has smooth edges, black pebble leather and has a single winding module. In my opinion, it’s a great watch box for most automatic watches.

Wolf Cub Single Watch Box

wolf cub watch box

The Wolf Cub single watch box is the entry level watch winder from Wolf and has room for one automatic watch.

It may be the baby (or the cub, cough cough) of the group but it still packs an impressive 900 turns per day and can rotate bi directionally. If you are looking for a watch winder on a budget this is the watch winder for you.

Built with the same strong wooden frame, pebble leather and chrome faceplate the cub may be the runt of the litter but you wouldn’t know it if you hadn’t seen the watch winders above.

Self winding watch box FAQs

In this article we took a look at some of the best watch box winders on the market. But to help you out, we have included an FAQ section below. Check it out!

What watches need a self winding watch box?

Watches don’t need a winder if you plan to wear your watch everyday at all times. Obviously this isn’t practical and because of this, in my opinion, all automatic and self winding watches need a self winding watch box if you want to keep them fairly accurate.

I would also advise getting a watch winder box if you have more than one watch as wearing two watches at the same time just to keep them “charged” doesn’t look the best, even if you’re rocking a Submariner and a Daytona.

What is a self winding watch box?

A self winding watch box is more commonly known as a watch winder. A watch winder is more than a beautiful box to keep your watch when not in use, it is a device that mimics your body’s natural movement and in doing so keeps your device wound when not in use.

Why would you use a winder?

Not only does a watch winder keep your watch wound, in date and ready to go when you are, but it also prolongs the life of your watch. Manual winding has been known to cause wear and tear on the internal winding gears which over time become damaged. Damaged internal winding gears often result in high maintenance and repair fees.

Considering you can pick a watch winder up for less than £200 it is well worth it as repairing the internal gears can go into thousands of pounds.

Some watch enthusiasts also claim that a watch winder can keep the internal parts of the watch well lubricated which in turn helps prolong your watches life.

Will a watch winder work on all watches?

No, some watches don’t need a winder. Watches with Quartz movement don’t need a winder and manually wound watches also don’t need a winder. If you are unsure to what watch you have please check the instruction manual which came with your watch. If you are still in doubt contact the manufacturer and they should be able to tell you straight away.

What is turns per day?

Turns per day are the times your watch needs to be turned to wind it up. The Wolf watch winders we sell have different turns per day. The more expensive models allow you to adjust the turns per day.

Different watches will require different turns per day to charge. The Rolex Submariner, for example, takes 650, the Rolex Daytona 900, while most IWC watches need around 650.

Once again if you are unsure what your watch requires, please check out the user manual or contact the manufacturer.

Can a watch winder over wind my watch?

No, Wolf watch winders are made to work with your automatic watch so that the mainspring inside the watch disengages when the watch is fully wound.

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