what colour tie to wear with a navy suit?

What colour tie should I wear with a blue/navy suit?

At Hacker and Case we sell a wide range of luxury silk ties and we constantly get asked “What colour tie should I wear with my blue suit” and I’m guessing you are here because you are wondering the same thing, so we thought we would help. In this post, we will put together a few suggestions on what tie you can wear with your blue/navy suit.

Firstly, congratulations on having great taste. We believe everyone should own a blue suit as they are so versatile and can be worn to so many different events and occasions. Navy suits can be worn in the office, to a wedding ceremony and even to somewhere more casual. With so many different uses of the navy suit matching a tie can be a tricky job, however, we can help.

Before we start, you may also want to check out this great video on matching tie colours to your outfit.

What colour shirt to wear with a navy suit?

navy suit red tie

Just as it’s important to match your tie to your navy suit, it’s equally as important to match the suit to your shirt. Here are a few shirt combinations to match your navy suit.

White shirt, navy suit.

A white shirt and a navy suit is a great combination like peanut butter and jelly, Torvill and Dean and Ryan Goslin and chic flicks. A white shirt and a navy suit are a classic. A great advantage of wearing a white shirt and navy suit combo is that it opens you up to be flexible in the tie that you choose.

In our opinion a white shirt and navy suit looks great with the following coloured ties:

  • Gold ties
  • Reds ties
  • Green ties

Gold ties, white shirts and navy suits

Gold ties match well with the navy suit and white shirt combination. Here at hacker and case, we would highly recommend the Emma Willis Gold Grenadine tie.

emma willis ties

Blue suit Red ties, white shirts.

Blue suit and red ties are another excellent option. When I wear my blue suit and white shirt combo I often find my self with a red tie.

Red ties stand out and look great, and in this combination, you can either go for a plain texture or if your feeling more adventurous you can go for a playful pattern.

Out of all the combinations to wear with my blue suits I love wearing a red tie.

Here are some ties we would recommend for your white shirt and blue suit combination:

red tie for navy suit
what tie to wear with a blue suit
what colour tie to wear with a navy blue suit
tie to match blue suit

Green ties, white shirts and navy suits

Another great combination with the above is a green tie. Once again because of the white shirt you can really mix and match your tie depending on the occasion and your mood. You can either go for a more serious look or play it up with a fun patterned tie. Some ties we recommend for your white shirt and blue suit combo are:

green tie navy suit combination
navy suit tie combinations
reef knot tie with seaturtles

Blue shirt and navy suit

A pale blue shirt is a great alternative to a white shirt which you can sometimes get bored of. A pale blue shirt can still be conservative yet to me is a little more fun and out there. What we would say is a pale blue shirt can look amazing, but please whatever you do don’t be one colour. Your shirt should be pale, not the same colour as your suit, that would be a disaster. Think pastel and not denim.

When matching a tie to your pale blue shirt and navy suit combo I would go for the following colours:

  • Navy Blue (Same colour as suit)
  • Claret Red

A tie we have in stock which would work with this combo would be the Emma Willis Claret & Spot tie.

silk tie to match navy suit

Navy suit and pink shirts

If you can pull the look off a pink shirt can look great with a navy suit. Pink in our opinion really compliments a navy suit and although you may find it a little daring, we say go for it.

Matching a tie to a pink shirt and navy suit can be a bit tricky, but you have a few options. You could either go for a navy tie with dashes of pink or a stronger one colour tie which makes a statement. A great tie to do that is our Dark navy grenadine tie by Emma Willis

dark tie for navy suit

Hopefully, this post has helped you in deciding what colour tie you should wear with your navy suit. We have recommended a few ties in this article but if you would like to view our full range you can go here: Mens Luxury Silk Ties.

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